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COVID-19 Response


COVID-19 Response

For 40+ years, our clients have relied on APTIM to provide solutions and services to the world’s most unique and unprecedented challenges. We have performed 4,000+ ongoing projects, including up to 54 concurrent time-sensitive projects with equipment and personnel in 17 states under a single contract for the US Government.

Call our 24/7 Hotline or email if you are interested in hiring APTIM or would like to become an approved subcontractor in response to COVID-19.

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We also responded to one of the first bioterrorism events in the U.S. which required testing and decontamination of U.S. Postal facilities nationwide for anthrax. As we now face a new challenge, we are ready to help you maintain your business operations.

We Are Serving Our Communities Impacted By COVID-19 Today

Our diverse portfolio of emergency response to 40+ events with challenging situations offers our clients flexibility, adaptability, and optimization to get the job done. We are currently providing services that put us squarely in the forefront of the COVID-19 emergency, including:


  • Exposure assessments
  • Disinfection procedures & contingency planning
  • Administrative assistance for remote workforce
  • Business continuity solutions
  • Building and facility decontamination


  • Temporary medical centers with infrastructure
  • Testing sites logistics support
  • Trucks & drivers moving emergency supplies
  • Building and facility decontamination


  • 24/7 facility management & maintenance that support our troops at installations
  • Support for isolation & quarantine of returning troops
  • Building and facility decontamination

Staff deployed supporting a natural disaster response
Evacuees provided with childcare, medical, & support services
Meals served across 30 kitchens responding to natural disaster
FEMA Task Orders planned and strategized
Unit sites designed, staffed, and built within 30 days
MHUs set up with 970 staff mobilized in response to major flooding

We are currently providing services that put us squarely in the forefront of the COVID-19 emergency.

What We Offer

  • 5,000+ In-house personnel in 80+ offices nationwide
  • 8 Current emergency response contracts
  • 3,300+ Companies subcontractor database
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists & Safety Professionals
  • Staff augmentation
  • Biological hazard testing & services
  • Staff training & communication services for return-to-work
  • Construction capabilities for permanent and temporary housing and facilities
  • Technology-enhanced solutions to support social distancing

FEMA Individual Assistance Support Contract

  • Mass care services
  • Construction for emergency, temporary, and permanent housing

FEMA Logistics Housing Operations Unit Installation, Maintenance and Deactivation

  • Government’s Manufactured Housing Unit (MHU) mission support

NAVFAC Global Contingency Construction

  • Construction and related engineering services
  • Support for natural disasters, humanitarian assistance, conflict, or other urgent requirements

USACE Omaha District’s Rapid Disaster Infrastructure II Response Team Provides

  • Additional 15,900 team personnel in 227 offices
  • Permanent or temporary facility construction, including pre-engineered buildings
  • Specialized biomedical lab construction

State of Florida Division of Emergency Management Emergency Standby Material and Services

  • Emergency medical supplies, mobile facilities, and equipment support
  • Mass care and all support services
  • Rapid response engineering

USACE Omaha Rapid Response VI Contract

  • Rapid, immediate, or emergency actions
  • Time-sensitive support to Homeland Defense/Security and

Defense/Security initiatives

  • USACE Mission Support

EPA Region 9 Response Action Contract III

  • Program management support and enforcement support
  • Pre-remedial activities
  • Engineering services / evaluation and construction management

Emergency Response