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Code Welding Programs -

Aptim currently holds ASME and National Board code certifications for performance of activities under the ASME Section I Power Boilers, ASME Section VIII Div. 1 Pressure Vessels, and National Board Inspection Code rules. These certifications are based on demonstration and acceptance of Aptim’s ASME I/VIII Division 1 Quality Control System Program and include the following scope of Qualifications:

  • S: ASME authorization for engineering-contractor responsibility on new construction of ASME Section I power boilers.
  • U: ASME authorization for engineering and construction responsibility on ASME Section VIII Division I pressure vessels.
  • R: National Board authorization for repair or alteration (including re-rating) of pressure retaining items under the National Board Inspection Code.

 These Certificates authorize Aptim to perform welded construction of Pressure Vessels, Power Boilers and Parts in accordance with ASME Section I, B31.1 (“S” designator) and ASME Section VIII (“U” designator), as well as repairs and alterations to ASME Code items in accordance with National Board Inspection Code (“R” symbol).