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City of Albany Clarifiers




City of Albany

The City of Albany, Georgia, receives the majority of its water from wells. A study found that surface water entering the wells caused water clarity to fluctuate, making it difficult for the city's water treatment plant to meet tightening regulatory limits. The Albany Water, Gas and Light Commission hired Paul B. Krebs & Associates, Architects/Engineers, to design a new water treatment plant to solve the turbidity problem. As part of the project, APTIM received a contract to erect one head tank and two ClariCone® solids-contact clarifiers for the new plant. The ClariCone clarifier was selected because it provides excellent turbidity removal and can handle widely fluctuating turbidity levels. Each of the ClariCone clarifiers has a diameter of 72 feet, making these the largest ClariCone clarifiers in the world. The clarifiers provide a combined treatment capacity of 7.2 million gallons per day.