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Citgo Lemont Refinery Coker Revamp



APTIM completed a coker revamp project at the Citgo Petroleum Lemont Refinery. In order to minimize the effect on refinery operations, the DeltaGuards were installed during three separate shutdowns. Two coke drums were taken out of service to complete the modifications while the remaining four were operational. The APTIM project team coordinated the entire construction effort for the three shutdowns. Several key subcontractors were selected to execute the piping, electrical, insulation, instrumentation, scaffold, PWHT, NDE, and bolt tensioning. APTIM direct hire labor completed the vessel modifications, structural supports for the DeltaGuards and the installation of the DeltaGuards. In addition, APTIM provided turnaround scheduling and project controls. The DeltaGuard provides a significant improvement in unit reliability and safety. In particular, these systems remove the threat of direct exposure to coke avalanches and other significant exposure risks to employees. They provide a significant reliability upgrade by closing the system and removing numerous troublesome components of the previous design.

Contracting Entity: Citgo Petroleum Company