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Chevron Products FCCU Upgrade



This project was conceived by Chevron Products Company to increase the output of gasoline from their El Segundo refinery. To accomplish this, significant modifications to the existing FCC Unit were required. The decision was made to install a new reactor adjacent to the existing unit and to revamp the existing regenerator during a shutdown.

Modifications to the existing FCC Unit:

  • Installed a new reactor
  • Revamp of existing regenerator

In 1995, APTIM received contracts for engineering, supply of fabricated materials, project management and field construction. The major regenerator modifications required were installation of a new top head and cyclones, installation of a new air grid and the addition of a new spent catalyst nozzle. APTIM assembled elements of both reactor and regenerator into large pieces on the ground and lifted them into place using one of its S-70 stiff leg derricks. Use of the derrick allowed an important roadway to remain open during construction. The construction of a temporary furnace on site gave APTIM an efficient means to perform post weld heat treatment on the reactor cone, reactor shell and reactor head assemblies. During the shutdown, Chevron's inspection crew discovered a small clad tower (6’Ø x 50’) within the unit had extensive cracking and needed to be replaced. APTIM designed a replacement vessel out of solid stainless steel and had it erected in place without any effect on the overall shutdown schedule. APTIM finished the 23-day shutdown schedule on day 20. 

  • Over 150,000 field work hours with no OSHA recordables
  • Over 2,700 radiographs were taken with 99.7% acceptance rate
  • Use of APTIM's S-70 derrick provided the most effective means of accomplishing the heavy lifts in a congested area where a roadway was required to be kept open
  • Both the reactor and turnaround work were completed ahead of schedule.
  • Pressure vessel design and analysis
  • Work in congested area
  • SS materials

Contracting Entity: Chevron Products