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Chanute Air Force Base Environmental Remediation



APTIM has been working with the Air Force for the past eight years on a program to restore environmentally impacted properties at the former Chanute Air Force Base to make them suitable for community economic redevelopment, including unrestricted residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial purposes. Working closely with the Air Force and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, APTIM has completed remedial investigations, feasibility studies, public meetings, records of decision, completion reports and other various regulatory documents for 57 sites located throughout the former Chanute Air Force Base. As part of this 13-year program, APTIM has implemented remedial actions to remove over 15,000 tons of impacted soil, perform in situ bioremediation of 15 acres of impacted groundwater at 22 different sites, consolidate 35,000 cubic yards of landfill waste, construct a 14-acre RCRA landfill cap and install innovative evapotranspiration buffer leachate management systems at three of the four on-site landfills At completion, 52 of the sites will be restored to unrestricted use and unlimited exposure thereby significantly reducing AF Life Cycle Cost for future property environmental management. In order to improve public safety, eliminate environmental exposures and improve community redevelopment, APTIM demolished a neglected four-story 500,000 square foot Technical Training Center, recovering over 95 percent of the concrete, brick and steel for recycling. Asbestos-containing materials, including insulation on piping and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, flooring and other miscellaneous building material inside 17 buildings were abated to restore the properties for beneficial reuse for government and commercial users including the Illinois National Guard Lincoln’s Challenge Military Academy and the Village of Rantoul. Over 230,000 work hours have been expended with no lost time incidents, earning APTIM’s Targeting Zero Safety Award for eight consecutive years, including the President’s Award in 2011.  

Contracting Entity: United States AirForce