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Analytic-Based & Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance and reliability-focused operation is essential to reduce business unit cost and increase capacity of overall production. Our certified maintenance reliability professionals exercise practical approaches for every initiative to reduce unit cost of production, leading to increased capacity.

APTIM offers the Following Arms Services

  • Analytics-Based Maintenance (ABM)

  • Maintenance Assessments and Bench Marking

  • Equipment Criticality Ranking

  • Maintenance Procedure Development

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • Spare Part Inventory Optimization

  • Predictive Maintenance Program

  • Development & Management

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

  • Development and optimization

  • Lubrication Excellence Program Development

  • Motor Management

  • Work Sampling and Wrench Time Studies

  • Maintenance Work Flow Modeling and Optimization

Key Target Areas

  • Improve Safety

  • Lower Operating Cost

  • Increase Uptime

  • Drive Profitability

  • Quality

  • Boost Productivity

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Maintenance Optimization

  • Data Consolidation & Analysis