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Binghamton Cogeneration Plant



APTIM provided engineering, design, procurement and construction management services on a lump sum contract for an approximately 50 MW cogeneration facility located adjacent to the Anitec Image Division of International Paper Company in Binghamton, New York. A General Electric LM5000 steam-injected gas (STIG) combustion turbine exhausted into a waste heat and supplemental gas-fired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to generate approximately 170,000 lb/hr of steam. Approximately 15,000 lb/hr to 90,000 lb/hr was used by Anitec to satisfy their heating and process demands. The remainder of the steam was injected into the combustion turbine for NOx control and power augmentation. APTIM performed operator training, equipment and system checkout, startup, and performance testing of the facility. Performance Testing demonstrated the guaranteed performance and efficiency, as well as environmental and noise compliance. 

Project Tasks:

APTIM provided civil/structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering and design services associated with the combustion turbine/HRSG, as well as the balance-of-plant equipment and systems, including auxiliary boiler, fuel gas compressor, water treatment system, pumps, fuel oil, chemical unloading stations, tanks, fire water and potable water distribution, and HVAC. Demolition of the original plant was completed in June 1991 under APTIM supervision.  


APTIM, under contract to Binghamton Cogeneration Limited Partnership, operated and maintained the facility from August 1992 until its electric power production was terminated in January 1997, at which time its owner transferred the plant to International Paper, Anitec Imaging Division, the host facility. During its four plus years of operation, the plant reliably produced steam and electricity for the local utility and Anitec Imaging in accordance with the contract requirements. APTIM selected, hired and trained the Plant Staff in accordance with APTIM standard procedures for Plant Operation & Maintenance. The American Boiler Company 150 psig 90,000 pph dual-fuel auxiliary boiler continues to operate, supplying process and heating steam for International Paper.  

NOTE: The plant was restarted in February 2015 by Wellhead Electric Company after purchasing it from Binghamton Cogeneration. 

Contracting Entity: Cogneration Partners of America 

Contract Amount: $63 million