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Battelle 2022 Chlorinated Conference

Stop by Booth 625!

Thank you for connecting with our team at the Battelle 2022 Chlorinated Conference. APTIM provides environmental services across Government, Commercial and Industrial, and Energy markets. We understand that your business operates both with regulatory and economic forces. That is why we designed our environmental organization to have flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Don't miss our 13 presentations:
  • May 23
    • Paul Hatzinger: "Treatment of Munitions Constituents Manufacturing Wastes Using a Membrane Bioreactor System"
      3:05 p.m. in Catalina
    • William Foss: "Overcoming Challenging Site Conditions to Remediate High Perchlorate Concentrations in Groundwater Using In Situ Bioremediation"
      Group 1 Poster
    • Robert Mayer: "Biological and Geochemical Groundwater Treatment Using Recirculation for Distribution to Prevent Excavation"
      Group 1 Poster
    • Steven Downey: "High-resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) for Design of Treatment System Remedial Augmentation"
      Group 1 Poster
  • May 24
    • Sowmya Suryanarayanan: "Effectiveness of Adaptive Strategies and Active Stakeholder Engagement: Knowledge Sharing from a Successful 10-Year Performance-based Remediation Contract"
      1:00 p.m. in Primrose D
  • May 25
    • Robert Mayer: "Excavation, Groundwater Extraction, In Situ Bioremediation, and In Situ Chemical Oxidation to Treat Large Commingled cVOC Plumes"
      1:25 p.m. in Primrose A
    • Benjamin Porter: "Lessons Learned: Design Comparison of a Municipal and Groundwater Treatment Systems Utilizing GAC for the Removal of Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Groundwater"
      1:50 p.m. in Smoketree
    • Paul Hatzinger: "Chlorinated Solvent Biodegredation in Low PH Aquifiers"
      Group 2 Poster
    • Amar Bumb: "Lessons Learned: ERH-MPE System Operations and Performance Assessment"
      Group 2 Poster
    • Paul Koster van Groos: "Low Temperature Thermal Decomposition of PFAS and Amendments for Enhanced Mineralization"
      Group 2 Poster
  • May 26
    • Thomas Perina: "Analytical Model for 3-D Solute Transport of Sequentially Decaying Species With Dual Porosity, Sorption, and Time-Varying Source"
      9:40 a.m. in Madera
    • Praveen Srivastav: "The Significance of Filling Data Gaps and Developing Good Conceptual Site Models Prior to Remedy Implementation Under Fixed-Price, Performance-Based Remediation Contracts"
      12:35 p.m. in Madera
    • David Lippincott: "Anion Exchange Permeable Adsorptive Barrier (PAB) for In Situ PFAS Immobilization and Removal"
      3:05 p.m. in Smoketree

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