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Baton Rouge FCC Unit Turnaround



Exxon retained APTIM to develop a construction plan for performing two fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) turnarounds. The upgrades for the two FCC Units (PCLA-2 and PCLA-3) included replacement of the reactors along with modifications to the structure, transfer lines and various other components.  The project was complex because the two units were located in different parts of the refinery, and both were located under regenerators. In addition, the PCLA-3 Unit was surrounded by other process units and pipe racks, allowing insufficient area for a crane. Due to space being limited, we utilized a 500 ton capacity stiff leg derrick to lift each of the three 250 ton reactor sections. Space was not as restricted for the PCLA-2 Unit shutdown. We used a Lampson LTL-1200 crane to assemble the second reactor, which consisted of two large sections and a smaller third section. However, to access the PCLA-2 reactor from above, we had to cut the regenerator into three sections and remove it. After we installed the new reactor, we replaced the regenerator and welded the sections back together. Despite challenges during both FCC Unit shutdowns, APTIM completed the work within schedule and budget. Total work hours: 236,000.

  • Removal of two regenerators
  • Installation and removal of a rail system
  • Installation and removal of three 100-ton chainfalls at the reactor location
  • Removal and replacement of the regenerated catalyst line, expansion joint, slide valves and riser
  • Modifications to the spent catalyst line and replacement of slide valves and expansion joints
  • Removal of the old reactor in three pieces along with its support members
  • Installation of the new reactor

Contracting Entity: ExxonMobil