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Environmental Emergency Response Services

APTIM provides fast, safe and effective response and recovery services to environmental emergency situations. We have responded to thousands of incidents including transportation accidents, train derailments, facility disasters and explosions, oil and hazardous substance spills, and the release of hazardous materials resulting from natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis.  With skilled scientists and engineers APTIM employ's emerging and conventional technologies to respond and remediate properties with hazardous, toxic and radioactive materials.   

  • Air, water, and soil sampling and monitoring 
  • Water and wastewater treatment 
  • High-hazard material transport and disposal 
  • Fixed-facility response 
  • Structure decontamination and demolition 
  • Chemical and biochemical remediation 
  • Radiological contamination remediation 
  • Sludge and sediment removal and remediation 
  • Waste and debris management