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Entergy—Arkansas Nuclear One Generating Station



APTIM provides best-in-class maintenance, modification and construction services to Entergy at the Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear power plant located on Lake Dardanelles just outside Russellville, Arkansas. The station is a two-unit pressurized water reactor site, with each unit producing 950 MW, and is the only nuclear power plant in Arkansas.  

Scope of services: 

  • Modification and supplemental maintenance services, capital projects
  • Arkansas asbestos contractor (licensed)

Staff/Craft Levels: 20/700—Outage 5/95—Non-outage

The next outage is scheduled for the fall of 2016. 

Representative tasks include: 

  • Mechanical modifications
  • Electrical modifications
  • ISI support
  • Turbine generator overhaul support
  • Snubber testing
  • Plant painting
  • Main condenser tube bundle
  • High-pressure feedwater heater replacement
  • Feedwater venturi replacement
  • Preheat/postweld heat treatment
  • Dry fuel storage support
  • Control room chiller replacement
  • Scaffold training and erection
  • Valve maintenance and modifications
  • Intake traveling screen replacement/modification
  • Asbestos abatement projects
  • Lead abatement projects 

In addition to Arkansas Nuclear One, APTIM provides the maintenance and modification services to the Entergy North and South Nuclear fleets. APTIM enjoys a successful relationship with Entergy, a strategic account. We have supported numerous refuel outages and forced outages over the past several years. APTIM utilizes mixed craft for certain tasks to maintain a diverse workforce for possible emergent work. We also move core group craft employees from site to site to support refueling outages and forced outages.